Ambassador of Ukraine received a task to arrange a meeting Poroshenko with trump

Speaking via Skype to the participants of the briefing in Kiev the Ambassador of Ukraine in Washington Valeriy Chaly said that he would try to arrange a meeting Poroshenko and trump in February 2017, shortly after the inauguration of the new President of the United States. “It is difficult to imagine the visits immediately after January 20, immediately after the inauguration, so this assignment was made in Kiev from the Ministry of foreign Affairs, from Bank, I have accepted”, — quotes the diplomat “Interfax-Ukraine”.

The Ambassador said that if Poroshenko will be able to visit the United States in February, “it will be a great victory.”

“I’m not going to say in advance how realistic this is, but this is a very ambitious task — to do immediately after his inauguration in February, the President’s visit. But having previous experience … I can say that I do not consider this is not realistic,” — said Chaly.

Poroshenko has already spoken to trump on the phone, when a few days after the elections, congratulated him on his victory. During the conversation, the Ukrainian President, “noted the importance of continuing strong support of Ukraine by Washington to counter Russian aggression and the implementation of necessary reforms”.

In addition, the Ukrainian President invited trump to come to Ukraine.

In August 2016 Chaly expressed concern over the fact that trump during election campaign stated that it would discuss the question of the Crimea and sanctions against Russia. However, after the victory of the candidate from the Republican party, he expressed the hope that when the trump Congress will take a decision on arms supplies to Ukraine.