In Obninsk picket in support of trump

In the city of Obninsk of the Kaluga region held a picket in support of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump, reports channel “MIR 24”.

According to TV channel, the picket was attended by about ten people. One of the participants said that personally acquainted with trump.

“I was in may in Indiana, came to him on the rally. There he was told that it came from Russia. He was very surprised, was invited to come. I went. Well, in General, trump my book signed and said he wanted to improve relations between our countries that wants good relations between all countries. Said he was very happy with the guest from Russia”, — quotes the channel of the resident of Obninsk Stanislaus.

The picket lasted more than two hours.

The event was coordinated with local authorities.

As previously mentioned , the application for holding the rally was filed by a local resident Artem Mines. According to his application, the shares will be attended by 40 people. On 11 November he applied to the administration of Obninsk. The goal of the picket is to support the new elected President.

In his words, “to support the legally elected new President of the USA” is required, while “across America go antithrombosis demonstrations, sometimes escalating into riots,” said the organizer of the picket.

Voting in the US presidential election was held on November 8, victory in spite of numerous pronoza, was won by the Republican candidate, billionaire Donald trump. After his victory in some US cities there were rallies of opponents of trump, which was attended by thousands of people.