Kudrin spoke about the challenges of the “new industrial revolution”

Russia needs to meet the challenges of the “new industrial revolution”, said during the all-Russian civil forum, the head of Center for strategic research, the ex-Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin, passes the correspondent .

“If we want to be competitive and strong society with a fairly high standard of living? This means that we in the next twenty years needs to meet the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution and to be more creative, more able to create new technologies in the world,” Kudrin said, noting that this requires a complex system with sufficient freedom for the “creators.” It is necessary to remain a prominent, respected and strong in military terms, Kudrin said.

We need to build a “road map” and to reject “archaism, which dominates over us today”, it’s “question of the day”, continued the head of CSR. “When we hear and see anti-Western rhetoric, completely unfounded, as a rule… Politicians often say in terms of sovereignty, national interest, [they] often do not see how the already established horizontal communication powerful,” — said Kudrin.

Former Finance Minister said that he often sees such statements in Russian talk-shows, and people who do “just don’t know how we are building relationships and business.” “They don’t know that a large part of our industry, including the military, by 40-50% dependent on foreign technologies that our country is associated with the world millions of contracts,” — said Kudrin.

Russia usually sells a “fairly simple” product, but buys very complex and diverse. Professional community around the world has “thousands and millions of relationships,” people want these relationships were, Kudrin said. It doesn’t reflect the rhetoric of the talk show, he emphasized.

“In our country is significantly less geopolitical and military risks than the risks of technological backwardness and backwardness in social development. We have a mortality rate four times higher than in neighboring Finland, the Czech Republic or other Eastern European countries. We actually should do it, that is our focus in order to be successful, not rhetoric, that we don’t want anyone or many to learn,” — said Kudrin.

The head of the CSR led the study Dean of the economic faculty of Moscow state University Alexander Auzan about the fact that Russian society is split into disparate social groups that do not trust each other. Citizens must move to a situation where these groups will be linked and begin to trust each other, said Kudrin. In his opinion, maybe that’s the key question in the development of society, he concluded.