The choice of trump: who will be the head of the CIA and attorney General under the new President

The choice of trump: who will be the head of the CIA and attorney General under the new President

Chief Advisor — Stephen Bannon

Bannon led the headquarters trump during the election campaign from August 2016. For this he resigned as Director General of the conservative publication Breitbart News Network. Publishing is often accused of bias in favor of the billionaire trump. Before heading to Breitbart, Bannon was an investment banker and then started working in the film industry. Last year, Bloomberg named Bannon “the most dangerous political figure in America.” Last year mass media published statements of his ex-wife, which talked about anti-Semitism’bannon and application of domestic violence for which he was arrested in 1996.

‘bannon about Putin: “Putin — a very interesting character. Furthermore, it is very, very, very smart. I think we should keep him on the alert”

Head of administration — the Raines Pribus

44-year-old Primus since 2011 he headed the national Committee of the Republican party (NCRP). He was engaged in attraction of the party sponsors, scheduling and Republicans, as well as the analysis of the reasons why Republicans lost to Obama in the previous election. He began his political career at the age of 16 as a volunteer in several political campaigns. In 1998 he obtained a law degree from the University of Miami, worked at the law firm Michael Best & Friedrich, becoming in 2006 in her partner. In 2004 took part in the elections to the Senate, but lost. In 2007 he became the youngest ever Chairman of the Republican party of Wisconsin. In 2009 he started to work in NCRP. His efforts are credited with the success of the party in the elections in November 2010 (before that Wisconsin consistently voted for Democrats) and the election of the state Governor, Republican Scott Walker. In January 2011, Priebus was elected Chairman of NCRP. His main achievement in this position was the raising of funds from donors — in 2011, the debt NCRP was $23 million, which the efforts of Primus the end of the year was reduced to $11.8 million, and a year later finally extinguished. As to the relations Pribus with trump, it remained almost the only party functionary, who continued to maintain a billionaire after the sexist scandal in the fall of 2016, called him “a role model” and the “winner”.

Russia’s role in hacking the servers of the US Democratic party: “the point is that the Russian did not write those e-mails, as did not write them and anyone else. People from WikiLeaks also did not write the letter. They wrote the national Committee of the democratic party. So they should be responsible for what is said in the letters, and that employees and volunteers of the Committee helped the campaign of Hillary Clinton before the primaries”. (Politico, 25.07.2016)

Adviser to the President on national security issues, Michael Flynn

His career in the army former chief of military intelligence of the United States began with the Case of training of reserve officers in 1981. In 2004, he headed the intelligence Directorate of the Joint special operations command of the United States, participated in search and capture of terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to him, he repeatedly warned the Obama administration about the strengthening of the Islamists, but ignored him. In 2012, Flynn headed the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defence. Flynn is considered a supporter of rapprochement with Russia. In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Russia Today in 2016, he sat next to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In an interview with the Washington Post on this occasion he told me that was the first time I met with Putin, but to talk about anything they failed.

Flynn of Russia: “Five or ten thousand Russian citizens are fighting in Syria partly why Russia wants to be there — that these people are not returned to Chechnya, Dagestan, Uzbekistan or Moscow. I think we did not recognize and did not realize it, that President Putin is trying to solve a problem that actually already exist, and part of which is in Syria and Iraq. The main problem is, how do we — I mean the great powers, Russia and the West can work together. This is a big issue.” (“Kommersant-Vlast”)

The head of the Prosecutor General of the United States — Jeff sessions

One of the most conservative senators in America (according to the rating of National Journal) Jeff sessions in 1981 and became a Federal Prosecutor in 1995, became the Prosecutor of Alabama, and a year later became the youngest state Senator. In 1986, President Reagan nominated to the post and Roman sessions judge, U.S. district court for the southern district of Alabama. However, it
accused of racism (in particular, to justify the activities of the ku Klux Klan) and the candidate and Roman sessions was rejected. During the election campaign, sessions was one of the most ardent supporters of trump and his adviser on domestic policy, including immigration and national security.

Sessions about Russia: “the Situation with Russia has deteriorated dramatically in this administration (of President Barack Obama. — ) and at a time when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of state. This is a huge disaster. Can this be changed? Don’t know, but we have to try… Look at it from the point of view of our (the United States. — ) national interests. USA and Russia should be in much greater harmony than it is today” (quoted by “RIA Novosti”, 31.10.2016)

The head of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) — Michael Pompeo

At the beginning of the campaign Pompeo supported the Republican candidate Marco Rubio, but after he dropped out of the race, expressed support for trump. “You see how he is successful in business and personal life, so I’m looking forward to it as a head of state who can lead America for themselves,” he said about trump in July. Since 2011, Pompeo represents Kansas in the U.S. house of representatives. He is also in the tea party Movement and the National rifle Association. Advocates the prohibition of abortion (except in those situations where the mother’s life is in danger) and against the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison.

Pompeo on Russia: “We live today in a world where we see villains like the people’s liberation army of China, Iranians, Russians who have computer programs to steal e-mail” (commenting on the hacking of e-mail, Hillary Clinton)