The head of the Pentagon and N. I. asked Obama to dismiss the Director of the NSA

The head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter and Director of National intelligence James clapper has recommended to President Barack Obama to remove from office the head of the national security Agency (NSA) Michael Rogers. About it reports Reuters, citing sources familiar with the situation. The same reports and the Washington Post, citing its sources.

It is reported that the recommendations of the Carter and Klepper was delivered to the White house last month.

Rogers has served as head of the NSA in 2014, after the scandal with the leaks released by former employee of Agency Edward Snowden. According to Agency sources, dissatisfaction with Rogers due to the new failures in the Agency’s work. We are talking about the arrest earlier this year, Harold Martin, who worked for the firm — NSA contractor and which was suspected of data theft.

Reuters notes that the US President-elect Donald trump is considering the nomination of Rogers as head of N. I., which at the moment is a Klepper.

The Washington Post adds that the decision of Rogers to go on Thursday in new York to meet with trump, not notifying superiors, caused outrage at the highest levels of the administration. However, the recommendation to dismiss Rogers was followed by another before this trip, the newspaper notes.

Roger is not only the Director of the NSA, but also the head of the U.S. Cyber command. According to one source Reuters, Carter was disappointed by the actions of the cyber command in the fight against the banned in Russia “Islamic state”.

In the White house, the Pentagon and the NSA declined to comment, Reuters notes. Campaign trump couldn’t provide the operational comment.

The representative of the Committee on intelligence in the House of representatives Devin Nunes said that he had sent Carter and Klepper request to give comments to the Committee on this issue.

This week it became known that Klepper had written his resignation from the post of head of National intelligence.