Boeing and Airbus supported the idea of the former head of the FSB about video recording on Board

The idea of a former FSB Director, member of the Duma Committee on security and combating corruption Nikolai Kovalyov to equip the aircraft with a video recording system with the ability to transmit data to the earth online was approved by the airline with Boeing and Airbus. This is stated in the answers of representatives of the aircraft manufacturing giants to appeal Kovalev consulted by TASS.

In particular, the Director, aviation security Boeing James Vasatka wrote that the company supports international cooperation to improve security and now offers customers to install on-Board video system and automonitoring as prior to the operation of the aircraft, and after.

However, Waseda noted that Boeing does not yet have the capacity to send collected onboard video ground stations due to “limitations of broadband terrestrial systems”.

Executive Vice-President Airbus, Christopher Buckley, in charge of Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, expressed the hope that the will appreciate “the difficulty of determining the costs in the case of the use of this method of security, since this option will probably require the use of a variety of systems and applications of various business processes”.

According to him, Airbus can provide consultancy support to authors, and to form a group of experts to exchange views on current developments.

For the introduction of video recording of what is happening on Board the aircraft of Russian airlines all ready, said Kovalev. “I predict that this might happen in 2018. Now the calculations, since the main argument of the opponents of the introduction of video recording is that it is, in their opinion, will lead to a serious increase in the cost of tickets. I have all the necessary calculations, and I am sure that to a sharp rise in price of air travel, it will not” — said Kovalev.

However, he declined to name the amount, how much will it cost Russian air carriers mandatory installation of videoregistratore on Board.

“I as the envoy for the fight against terror, parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE introduced a resolution urging other countries belonging to the OSCE, to follow the example of Russia and this kind of legislation to introduce in all the leading countries. That is why I have applied to Boeing and Airbus, since 80% flight garage in the world provide these two companies. And, unfortunately, are often the objects of aspirations of the various kinds of terrorists,” — said Kovalev.

In the summer of 2015, the parliamentary Assembly (PA) of the OSCE adopted the proposed Kovalev resolution about necessity of equipment of the aircraft by means of video recording and transmitting information online in the event of seizure of the liner. As noted by the author of the resolution, these measures will allow law enforcement to more thoroughly prepare to conduct operations in the event of a hijacking, and allow to understand that happened on Board if the plane inexplicably disappeared from radar.