MIA will check, Deputy head of the Ministry of land transactions in the Moscow region

The Moscow Department of MIA will check Deputy construction Minister Leonid Stavitsky said in response to the regional Prosecutor’s office the Deputy of the state Duma of the sixth convocation Sergei Obukhov. A letter sent in September 2016, is available .

Checking for previous job Stavisky: from 2003 to 2013 he was mayor of Zvenigorod. Law enforcement agencies interested in the alienation of land: the procedure could be held in violation of the law, the document of the Supervisory authority.

In 2009 stawicki its decision leased to individuals 12 plots with an area 2 thousand square meters each. The Odintsovo Prosecutor’s office in 2013 found that the sites were in the forest, but their cadastral records were “based on false acts of agreeing the boundaries,” in which the stations were assigned “to the category of land settlements.” Solution Zvenigorod court in April 2014, these impairments were removed, stresses in the materials of the Prosecutor’s office.

The FAS and the Prosecutor’s office found violations in the bidding, following which several sections were leased. Later on this territory began construction of apartment buildings.

In 2015, deputies from the Communist party Valery Rashkin and Sergei Obukhov asked the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to investigate all the facts and forward the materials to law enforcement agencies, so they made a decision about whether to make Stavitsky the criminal case.

Then the management of the Affairs of the Odintsovo district conducted the first inspection and found that stawicki did not violate the law. However, the Prosecutor’s office came to the conclusion that the test passed with violations, and now the police will re-examine the activities of Stavisky said in response to the Supervisory authority.

“If it is proved that stawicki himself had forged the documents in order to land from the forest Fund to attribute to the city and build a house there, I would definitely say that it is a forgery and a fraud on the person”, — noted in conversation with the Director of the anti-corruption center “transparency international — Russia” Anton Pominov.

In 2009, at a meeting with Dmitry Medvedev, former President, Stavitsky said that foresters are not engaged in forests, therefore, “God himself commanded” to use the forest for development of small business.

In 2013, stavytsky was appointed first Deputy Minister of construction. He oversaw the liquidation of consequences of flooding in the far East and coordinated the construction of the Eastern spaceport in the Amur region.

awaiting a response from the press service of the Ministry of construction.