The Kremlin has planned the message to Putin on 1 December

The President’s annual address to the Federal Assembly scheduled for December 1, said three sources close to the presidential administration. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov did not respond to a request to comment on the information.

By tradition, the head of state delivers a message to the Kremlin. On the announcement of the representatives of the elite: the leadership of the presidential administration, government members, state Duma deputies, Federation Council members, representatives, governors, public figures, and editors of media. Only the Kremlin on the day of the message going about 1 thousand people. The event is broadcast live all Federal channels.

Last year, Putin read out a message of 3 Dec. Among the main points made by the President, there was a proposal to extend for six months the capital Amnesty and two-year program of the parent capital, to establish a system to support NGOs “working in towns and villages.”

On the background of the conflict with Turkey after the downed Russian bomber, the President said that “if someone thinks that, committed a despicable war crime, the murder of our people, they will get off with a tomato or some restrictions in the construction and other industries, they are deeply mistaken”: “We do not just remind them of what they did. And they will regret it,” he promised Putin in his message for 2016.

All of the President’s message of recent years are quite similar to each other, said associate Professor of the Institute of social Sciences of Ranepa Catherine Shulman. According to her, one of the main functions of the event is “soothing”. The analyst noted that the message can be affected by traditional themes of corruption and improving the investment climate.

“We need to listen to fleshed out suggestions expressed in formulas of the type “I consider it necessary to instruct the government to develop…” — this is followed by future assignments of which grow new regulations, said Shulman. — The value of the Declaration should not belittle our political elite listens carefully to what she considers the “signals” from the Supreme authority tries to interpret them to the best of their understanding and act on this basis”.

The expert believes that the message can be declared and the policy of reform of public administration. “The authors of the competing programs, hope to hear the message that some of its proposals. These expectations may be partially true, — said the expert. — Familiar provisions can hear the authors as “Kudrinskaya” and “Glazyev, belousovskaya” of the design teams in accordance with the principle of reconciliation and unity”.

According to Shulman, foreign policy in the total volume of the Epistles traditionally paid less time: “perhaps we will hear oft-repeated in recent times the thesis about the desire to restore the relationship and to establish a dialogue and a willingness to “pass his half of the road,” if our interests will be taken into consideration, and dialogue will occur on an equal footing”.

The head of the Agency for political and economic communications Dmitry Orlov said that the most pressing issues today is the removal of administrative restrictions for business and additional sources of economic growth: “to Find these sources — the most important thing today. And the subject adjacent to the subject of economic growth is the involvement of active citizens in public life.” In his view, for conservative citizens can rely to win elections, but “they can not serve as a driver of economic growth.” “Therefore, it is necessary to rely on various activist groups — is both a business and volunteers, and political activists. Must be a competitive environment”, — says Orlov.

In the context of a criminal case against ex-Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev may sound the theme of the fight against corruption, says analyst, but she will not be the key: “the Fight against corruption cannot be the main trend — if you do on her iPod, it carries serious risks: the population may develop the feeling of global corruption of power.”

After the arrest of the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, the President may give a signal to the Federal Assembly that no one is untouchable, said Tatyana Stanovaya, head of analytical Department of the “Center for political technologies.” “Loyalty is now giving way to other values — patriotism. Stealing is now becoming dangerous for the country: not enough money. Russia is now at war, besieged fortress, and in such a situation, corruption is perceived as vulnerability in the security system of the country”, — the expert believes.