The Ministry of health has offered to give a life sentence for the assassination of doctors

From 200 thousand to life

The Ministry of health proposes to Supplement the criminal code a new article which provides for special penalties for assaulting health care workers while performing their duties. This is stated in the amendments to the criminal code, which the Ministry published on the website disclosure of legal information on Monday, November 21.

To have encroached on the life of a doctor is punishable with imprisonment for a term of 12 to 20 years or life imprisonment. For the violence, not dangerous for life and health of health care provider, the Agency recommends be fined up to 200 thousand rubles, and for the threat to prosecute for 10 years.

The Ministry of health has developed a draft law together with the Union of the medical community “national Medical Chamber” and all-Russian state University of justice stated in the explanatory note to the document. The reason for its preparation have become frequent cases of attacks on doctors. So, according to the Ministry, in 2015, in Saint Petersburg there were 47 attacks on ambulance crews in Chelyabinsk during the same period — more than thirty.

Now the line of duty is an aggravating circumstance in the attack on the doctor, but if his health caused serious harm.

The document prepared by the Ministry of health, will require coordination with the Ministry of justice and Ministry of interior. It is planned that the law will come into force in July 2018.

Without preventive measures

The Ministry of health spoke about the desire to increase the punishment for assault a few days after beating a radiologist in Orekhovo-Zuyevo. “It is important to remember that causing harm to physician causes harm not only to him but also to patients who have lost their opportunity to obtain timely medical care”, — said the Agency.

The responsibility must be set not only for assault, but for attempted attacks and insults, says orgsummary of the interregional Union of health workers “Action” Andrey Konoval. In his opinion, in doctors ‘ offices, you need to install hidden cameras. “Of course, there is the difficult issue associated with a medical mystery, but I think it can be taken into account,” says butcher.

Stricter liability is not a universal remedy, says project Manager pharmaceutical company VEGAS LEX Maria Borzova: the person who attacks the doctor, not always familiar with the text of the Criminal code. The solution should be comprehensive and address both measures of responsibility and measures of protection, she believes.

The Ministry of health is obliged to provide for the allocation of additional budgetary funds for organization of the protection of medical institutions, introduction of modern security systems with panic buttons and charge a self-defense course for nurses, I’m sure Borzov “If you talk with a consumer point of view, the kind of security guy for the man of passion is a better deterrent than the text of the criminal code,” she concludes.

Special punishment should be considered when assaulting any person performing their duties, whether a teacher, a journalist or a lawyer, believes the doctor-Olga Demicheva. The best way to protect doctors, she said, to create in the society a respectful attitude towards medical workers.