Enemy No. 1: start in Turkey in absentia trial of the preacher Fethullah Gulen

Enemy No. 1: start in Turkey in absentia trial of the preacher Fethullah Gulen

  • Until 1981 was an Imam and preacher, after which he retired. Considered one of the most influential public figures of Turkey.
  • Gulen was not in Turkey, not since the late 90’s. He lives in Pennsylvania, USA, where he had gone for treatment and, according to him, is not returned for fear of reprisals.
  • The spiritual leader of the movement “Hizmet” (from the tour. the “service”). Members of the movement called “dzhamaata”, that is “the Muslim community”. About the device “Jamaat” little is known — according to some former members we know that there banned alcohol, certain books, for example, Darwin and Sartre, and all the time should be devoted to “service” — the Quran, the study of the works of Gulen. Members of the “Hizmet” condemn radical Islam and identify themselves as supporters of democracy. Advocate for interfaith dialogue.
  • Not only in Turkey but around the world there are schools “Jamaat”, founded by Gulen. In Turkey, they were considered among the best until this summer on the orders of the government they have not begun to close.
  • In 2000 gülen was accused of plotting against the Turkish government. In 2008, the process was closed behind absence of structure of a crime.
  • The Hizmet movement supported the then Prime Minister Erdogan and his Party of justice and development in every election since 2002. Instead the movement had received a number of Ministerial seats, access to the judicial system and the security system of Turkey.
  • Gülen was one of the closest allies of Erdogan to 2013. The exact cause of their quarrel is unknown. Gulen criticized Erdogan and the police during the protests in Gezi (then killed several people, the protests escalated into riots), Erdogan accused gülen of organizing the protests. In December 2013 broke out in a loud corruption scandal was arrested 52 official from Erdogan’s party, who accused the preacher.

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

  • What Gulen is accused of organizing the coup attempt in July 2016. In Turkey, the public prosecution asked for him two life sentences and 1900 years in prison. Gulen himself denies any involvement in the coup attempt and accused his organization of Erdogan.
  • In 2013, Gulen entered the list of the “100 most influential people in the world” by Time magazine.
  • In may 2016, Erdogan said that Hizmet movement will be treated as a terrorist organization.