Sberbank called messages about blocking the card trying information attacks

Sberbank called messages about blocking the card trying information attacks

In some social networks and instant messengers to disseminate information about the fact that the Bank allegedly blocked cards of individuals for the Commission of transfers from card to card when paying for goods and services, the Bank said on Friday. The reporter received such a message via WhatsApp messenger.

“Attention, the following information has been provided. Now, go check in the savings Bank on reception of money for commercial activities on the cards. And not calling someone to come payment, and those you are translating. If someone says that money transferred for the service, even over training, then your map block and a map, who translated also. After blocking the penalties and tax. To warn people is useless, just any loss. Check all the cities very powerful. Info first hand. Now very firmly took up of individuals and their income. This is friendly advice”, — the message says. (Here and further the punctuation of the author saved. — .)

Further in the message the authors are asked to convey this information to friends and suggest in the case of a call from the call-center of Sberbank called the purpose of payment transfer money to a friend or family member for a gift or repayment of a debt. “Otherwise, the savings Bank blocks Your card. In no case do not indicate in the comments any data, no name, no credit” — say the authors.

The press service of Sberbank said that the disseminated information is untrue and is an attempt to information attacks. “Sberbank considers the dissemination of such information as an attempt information attack and is currently working with the security services,” the Bank said.

The press service of the Bank explained that the card sender and recipient is possible only in case of providing incorrect information (name, code word, passport details, etc.) with voice confirmation. The call initiator — the client. Thus, cut off the attempts of fraud.

In early November, several Russian banks, including Sberbank, Bank “Opening” and Alfa-Bank, have been subjected to hacker attacks. As explained by the representative of the savings Bank, hackers used botnets that include tens of thousands of machines, geographically distributed across multiple dozens of countries. The next day, November 10, some of the clients of Sberbank reported that are unable to use the service “Sberbank online”. In financial institution failures explained new DDoS attack.