Volodin has cancelled new year parties in the conference room of the state Duma

The Duma apparatus has no plans to hold this year in the plenary hall of the new year corporate party, said three of the interlocutor in the apparatus.

A festive event with a total collection of the deputies was peculiar only to the sixth convocation of the lower chamber. The initiators of last office party was the speaker of Parliament, Sergei Naryshkin, former head of the Duma Jahan Pollyeva, the source says. According to him, now the faction has not made similar suggestions, and approved the order of work of deputies not allow them to prepare for such an event.

The last plenary session of the Duma will be held December 21, Wednesday. The next day, on Thursday, MPs should go to the regions to work with voters, so Saturday won’t be picking them, the source explained .

However, last year corporate party was held December 19, Saturday until the end of the session. As he told MPs on the holiday table last year, they donated 5 thousand. MPs sang and danced with famous artists such as Lev Leshchenko, Diana Gurtskaya and Oleg Gazmanov. Last year the skit was made by United Russia Deputy Iosif Kobzon, who together with the colleague on fraction Valentina Tereshkova performed the song “Hope”.

Last Duma speaker Naryshkin always acted in the Duma skits. He repeatedly sang a duet with former member, Opera singer Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs.

Large-scale New year celebrations in the Duma will not be confirmed Oleg Sheyin from “Fair Russia”. “This decision was taken by speaker of Parliament Vyacheslav Volodin and Duma Council, and in a crisis it looks logical,” he said. According to Shein, his colleagues will be limited to a symbolic greeting in the form of a glass of champagne.

Igor Lebedev of the liberal democratic party says that the decision of the speaker is “a new approach of the new head of the state Duma”. “Vyacheslav Volodin considers that the present circumstances do not need to show how the deputies walk, and we support that” — he said.

The deputies did not intend to ask the speaker about holding new year corporate party, told the all factions that supported the decision Volodin.

“Creative displays allow the deputies to open, and the warm atmosphere of Christmas skits contributes to the development of inter-factional dialogue,” — said the Deputy from LDPR Yaroslav Nilov, who in the Duma corporate a song of his own authorship. According to him, on the other hand, when the media begin to interpret what is happening, show the individual frames, the voters in the backdrop of the deteriorating economic environment can be thought that members “walk, getting fat”. Although the new year corporate parties in the Duma took place at the expense of MPs and “very modest”, said the Deputy.

Member of the LDPR faction Mikhail Degtyarev admitted that he went to school this year to play the balalaika, to “all to impress on the skit”.

“We never asked about [the corporate party in the Duma] and this time will not” — said the Deputy from Communist party Alexander Yushchenko. Communist MP Valery Rashkin said that at a recent meeting of the party Chairman congratulated the deputies with the new year, and the results of the work are given “in pure form”.

The new bosses of the Duma seeks to draw a demarcation line between himself and his predecessors in order to get rid of any remnants of the image, they can stick, said political analyst Catherine Shulman.

“The new leadership wants the Duma was a significant authority, not a source of funny news: on new year corporate members or sang or danced, the video from these frames was spread on social networks, regularly turned out some sort of disgrace,” she notes.

“Now there is a desire to demonstrate that the deputies work hard and seriously, do not miss a single meeting, sitting for many hours in the plenary hall, and even the New year not having fun, and think only about the law,” — said the analyst.

With the participation of Vera Kholmogorova and Yegor Gubernatorova