Sberbank will sell predictions on the basis of data on customer behaviour

Sberbank has launched the Open data project based on big data technologies. In the framework of the project the savings Bank will regularly publish on its website aggregated anonymous data about the financial activity of its customers, the message of the credit organization, submitted to . In addition, according to the draft represented at the briefing on 22 November, Vice-President of Sberbank Andrei Khlyzova, quoted by “Interfax”, the Bank also plans to sell companies with predictive and statistical models based on these data.

Open technologies analyze data on 135 million individuals and more than 1.5 million corporate clients, Sberbank said. Until now, this information was stored in closed access.

“We do this in order to show their interest and technological advancement, but also to help people who work with statistics, macroeconomics, find another one fairly complete source of data”, — quotes the website the words of the project Manager of the centre for applied data of the savings Bank Vladimir Baklanov, who, along with Hlazovy presented the project.

Data for all

At the time of starting the project, the Bank will publish aggregated information on the average amounts and applications for consumer and mortgage loans, about the average size and number of new deposits on the dynamics of wages and pensions, stated in a press release. On the website you can track monthly dynamics, compare different indicators of the regions and download information in various formats. The list of indicators and data for the publication will be expanded, notes the Bank.

It clarifies the “Interfax”, in the future we plan to publish statistics on the spending of Russians, and also about the activities of legal entities. According to Baklanova, which lead in the near future Sberbank has no plans to release Analytics on the received digits.

Data for business

According to Khlyzova, the Bank plans to sell companies with predictive and statistical models based on these data. “We do not give information about specific clients. The point is that based on these data, we can order, for example, where “Magnet” is to open stores. We can some units to issue for commercial entities and for government too”, — quotes its “Interfax”.

According to estimates Khlyzova, which leads in the next two years work with “Open data” can help save the savings Bank tens of billions of rubles. The sum of benefits from external transactions is still unclear, added the Vice-President of the Bank.

According to him, the savings Bank already carries out pilot projects with retail chains and telecommunications companies, as well as negotiating on cooperation with the Moscow region and with the working group at the Open government. Sberbank will also use Open data to predict the behavior of potential consumers or clients of a business, said the R & d center.

In early November, the Supervisory Board of Sberbank has approved the transformation of the organization’s “financial ecosystem” by the end of 2018. The concept envisages incorporation into the platform of the Bank to the various partners who will use open data.