Son of trump spoke to supporters of “the Russian stance” on Syria

According to The Wall Street Journal, October 11, Donald trump Jr. at the “Ritz” in Paris, met with a group of experts to discuss settlement of the situation in Syria. Among the participants were diplomats, businessmen and politicians that are configured to cooperate with Russia in resolving the conflict in Syria.

The WSJ specifies that the creators of the expert group are Fabien Bowser and his wife Randa kassis, who believe that the end of the Syrian war is possible only with the participation of President Bashar al-Assad. Insists on this, and Moscow. In the material edition States that Cassis supported by the Kremlin.

Cassis itself in comments to the WSJ pointed out that during the meeting she told Trump Jr. about the important role of Russia in the middle East. According to her, the son of the new U.S. President has shown himself as a pragmatic and flexible politician.

The fact of the meeting Donald trump, Jr., confirmed the adviser of the new head of the White house Kellyanne Conway. However, it is not confirmed that he was talking to Cassis, which often arrives in Moscow as the leader of the moderate opposition, recognizing Assad.

The WSJ specifies that the meeting at the “Ritz” was present including the former President of Turkey, Abdullah Gül, the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, and James Rubin, who worked at one time as press Secretary of state Department of the United Nations.