The court confirmed the legality of the deprivation of Ilya Ponomarev, Deputy mandate

The Supreme court considered the appeal of the lawyer of Ilya Ponomareva Maria bast on the resolution of the state Duma early termination of powers of a Deputy for absences, the correspondent from the courtroom. The decision of the lower house of Parliament is upheld.

“During the deprivation of the mandate for absenteeism in the hall, I counted 123 deputies”, — said during the meeting, the Deputy of the state Duma of the sixth convocation Dmitry Gudkov reminded that for the decision voted 413 parliamentarians were against three. According to him, about 200-300 MPs voted by proxy and did not go to plenary.

Gudkov said that Ponomaryov voted for within six months. During this time, no one in the state Duma there’s no questions about it. “I conclude that the speaker was informed. If Ponomarev violated the rules, the vote was not recorded, the power of attorney would be revoked,” — said the politician.

The representative of the state Duma Nikolay Brykin argued that all members have provided their attorney, but the same document from Ponomarev was received.

In April 2015 at the request of the state office of public Prosecutor Ponomarev was stripped of parliamentary immunity, after which he left the country. In may 2016, President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing to take parliamentary seats if the MP within 30 days not involved in plenary meetings, not working in the Committee and does not meet voters in the regions. In June the state Duma has deprived of the status of Ponomarev’s Deputy.

Politics charged in the case of aiding and abetting in the embezzlement of RUB 22 million; the innovation center “SKOLKOVO”. The consequence considers that in 2010 the Fund has concluded with Ponomariov contract for performance of research works, their cost was $750 thousand Later Vice-President of “SKOLKOVO” Alexei Beltyukov signed with Ponomarev supplementary agreement which reduced the contract price to $450 thousand. In the TFR believe that this was done in order to “learn the remaining amount of $300 thousand”.