The court released killed the baby sitter from criminal liability

Compulsory treatment

The citizen of Uzbekistan Gulchehra Bobokulov sent for compulsory treatment in the hospital according to the decision of Khoroshevsky court of Moscow, the correspondent from the courtroom. From criminal responsibility the defendant is released.

Previously forced treatment insisted in the TFR, and later the same position in court was taken and the Prosecutor.

The court decides exactly how many will continue treatment, says the lawyer of the Moscow Collegium of advocates “KLISHIN and partners” Vitaly Bogomolov. According to him, under the care of doctors the nurse will be until then, until you recover or until you no longer need to stay in hospital. “This measure aims to improve the mental state, not that the person was serving a sentence,” says Bogomolov.

Every six months Bobokulov examined by the Commission. According to the survey, a decision will be made whether her further treatment, said a senior partner of the Collegium of advocates “Yukov and partners” Michael Voronin. “If she committed the act while insane, it excludes its responsibility. Even if it is after some time recovered, it still will not attract criminal liability,” adds the lawyer.

“Allah ordered”

On the morning of 29 February 2016 Bobokulov strangled four-year-old girl, whose family worked as a nanny, decapitated her and set fire to the apartment. With the head of a child Bobokulov came to the metro station “Oktyabr’skoe pole”, where she shouted “Allahu Akbar!” and threatened to arrange explosion. There she was detained by the police. Before the meeting of the Presnensky court, which arrested her for two months, Bobokulov told reporters that he committed the crime because she “Allah ordered”. The guilt she admitted.

“As follows from the testimony of a witness with whom Babakulova had a close relationship, she’s on the phone he said he would kill himself and set fire to the apartment,” — said the Prosecutor during the hearings.

Babakulova was charged under article “murder juvenile”, “deliberate destruction of another’s property by an arson” and “false report about the explosion” (part 2 of article 105, part 2 of article 167, part 1 of article 207 of the criminal code).

In the video, which appeared online shortly after the nanny was taken to the police station, a native of Uzbekistan explain their actions to take revenge on President Vladimir Putin for the bombing and States that wanted to go to Syria: “Putin bombing planes. Why are we, Muslims, you bomb, why no one says anything? They also want to live.” According to records, the video could be made immediately after the arrest, but the origin of the video is unknown.

In court Bobokulov claimed to have followed the “voice of God”: a male voice ordered her to write in social networks “Classmates” that men should wear a beard and to do the prayer. Also a voice told her to kill the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon.

Tablets and the Koran

At the stage of preliminary investigation law enforcement bodies of Uzbekistan informed the Russian colleagues about the presence of Babakulova mental disorders, said a source familiar with the case: in 1999, the woman was diagnosed with “schizophrenia”, it was frequently treated in inpatient institution in Uzbekistan.

In the Samarkand regional mental hospital stated that Bobokulov consisted on the account in 2003.

The father of nanny Bahritdin Turaev confirmed “Газете.Ru” that his daughter was in a psychiatric hospital. “It was in 2002. Her words strange to say was, the voice she imagined, ceased to obey, aggression there’s that,” said the man. He also noted that earlier Bobokulov never went to the mosque, did not wear a hijab and have not read the Koran.

Later at a meeting of the court, which decided the question of extension of a measure of restraint, Bobokulov told that indeed he was treated at home schizophrenia. Health issues she started 12 years ago. “I didn’t sleep the whole day talking, four months,” — said Bobokulov. According to her, the two weeks she was admitted to the hospital, but the doctors to help her failed.

“Said not our disease. Then [I] three days, read the Koran, then I threw up something black, and all passed”, said nanny.

Examination conducted after the arrest, confirmed the diagnosis. As follows from the materials of the case, a month before the crime the nanny was deteriorating. The doctors came to the conclusion that Bobokulov incurable.

Disagreements with the FSB

Bobokulov were subjected to extremist religious treatment from her spouse, a citizen of Tajikistan, claimed a source “RIA Novosti” in law enforcement. During a recent visit home for exchange of passports Bobokulov behaved aggressively and showed the villagers donated roommate hijab, said the source.

During the hearing the nurse admitted that after meeting with her future second husband, she became more religious and started to pray and visit the mosque.

Bobokulov may not have been acting alone, was suggested in the TFR. During the preventive measure, the investigator Olga Lapteva noted that possible accomplices of a crime at that time was not known.

“Interfax” citing a source in law enforcement bodies reported that the phone Babakulova investigators found two numbers of subscribers who were in the lists as related by one of international extremist groups. In SKR this information was later denied.

The question of whether, if acted Bobokulov one and how to interpret her actions, was the key to law enforcement. As told by interlocutors in the FSB, the security services did not agree with the qualification of the case and insisted that the actions of Babakulova should be qualified under article “terrorist act” (article 205 of the criminal code). One of the sources called Bobokulov “living bomb” and claimed that she could work recruiters, under their influence she decided to commit a crime. The same recruit was exposed and her son: he was called to go to fight in Syria, said the source, “RIA Novosti” in law enforcement bodies of Uzbekistan.

The influence of recruiters on the nanny did not exclude in an interview with the former head of the FSB to fight international terrorism, Yuri Sapunov.

Another source familiar with the preliminary conclusions of the FSB, emphasized that if the idea of recruiters took place, it was a success: crime has caused a wide resonance in the society. “It’s such a horror that no one could imagine could not”, — explained the source.