The Kremlin has commented on the publication of the list of 40 thousand NKVD

Reporters asked the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov whether to disclose information about the NKVD, as did the human rights organization “memorial”.

“The topic is very sensitive. Obviously, opinions diverge here for many, there are diametrically opposite points of view, and they both speak very convincingly,” — said Peskov, reports .

Access the Handbook by A. N. Zhukov “the staff of bodies of state security of the USSR. 1935 — 1939” containing a brief information about 39 950 NKVD, “memorial” was opened on its website the day before, November 23.

The Handbook includes almost all who have been assigned the special rank of the system of state security since their introduction in 1935 until the beginning of 1941, particular attention is paid to the period from 1935 to 1939, notes on the website of “Memorial”. Also, the directory contains biographical information obtained from other sources.

The main source of information were the orders of the NKVD personnel. The Handbook includes the number and date of orders about assignment of titles, resignation from the Commissariat of information held prior to dismissal positions, as well as information on received awards.

Reference, as noted in the “Memorial” will be useful for those interested in Soviet history.