Kommersant learned about the plans for the reorganization of the presidential administration

The number of directorates in the presidential administration could be reduced at least by half as a result of reorganization, writes “Kommersant” with reference to own sources.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, initially it was discussed that 21, the office will turn into 8-9. At this close to administration source told the newspaper that the changes will be known next week, when will the President’s message to the Federal Assembly.

This order, said the sources, should make the head of administration Anton Vaino.

Anton Vaino was appointed head of the presidential administration on 12 August, succeeding in this position Sergei Ivanov. Prior to that, Vaino was appointed Deputy Ivanov. In his post he oversaw the Protocol, workflow, schedule, and personnel matters of the President. Previously he was head of Protocol of the Prime Minister and worked at the posts of the first Deputy head of Protocol of the President and the Deputy head of the government apparatus.

On 22 November, citing high-ranking sources and interlocutors in the media market reported that two first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko and Alexey Gromov redistributed powers in the field of supervision of the media. For Thunder now fixed all of the traditional media. Internet editions and social networks oversees Kiriyenko. “Everything is divided: behind the Thundering consolidated media, Kirienko — the Internet,” — said the source in the media market.

A source close to the presidential administration, said that now the responsibility of Gromov — Federal TV channels, news agencies (including), radio and print media. For Kiriyenko fixed the Internet, which, according to the source , involves primarily the supervision of online publications, and social networks. This scheme differs from the one that acted in the Kremlin in the period when the first Deputy head of the presidential administration was Vyacheslav Volodin.

Earlier, on 19 October, the source of the newspaper “Kommersant” in the presidential administration said that the Agency “there is a trend towards consolidation”. In particular, a single control can be created from offices on domestic policy, on public projects. It is expected that by the new year, all employees will be removed from the staff, and then will appear the new staffing structure.