The Dow Jones index for the first time exceeded 19 000 points

The Dow Jones index for the first time exceeded 19 000 points

Moscow. 23 Nov. The Dow Jones index for the first time in its 120-year history, exceeded 19 thousand posts, reported Tuesday’s USA Today.

Second day in a row the four main US stock market shows record results. Dow Jones grew by 67.18 points, or 0.4%. According to preliminary calculations, it closed at 19 023,87 points. The index Standard & Poor’s for the first time rose above 2200, closing at around 2 202,94 points (an increase of 0.2%). The Nasdaq rose 0.3% to 5 386,35 points. Russell scored 1334,27 points, rising 0.9%.

The Dow Jones reached the level of 18 thousand points on 23 December 2014. To climb another thousand, he needed 700 calendar days. It was the slowest growth after a period from 2007 to 2013, when the U.S. economy was recovering after the fall in stock markets, the largest since the great depression of 1929).

The growth of stock markets of the United States to the news of the election of a President of a businessman Donald trump and his campaign promises. As told the newspaper USA Today employee of the investment company TrendMacro don Laskin: “whatever is not turned into the future, trump once again made U.S. stock markets the great.”

This situation has developed despite the continuing growth of long-term interest rates and the dollar. In addition, the continuing growth of markets in Japan, China and Hong Kong.