The sad history of Vladimir Putin: what was upsetting the President

  • On the construction of “Zenit-Arena”

“This is a very sad story”

TASS, 25.11.2016

The construction of the stadium “Zenit arena” on Krestovsky island in St. Petersburg began in 2007. The project was several times sent back for revision in connection with the application for holding the 2018 world Cup, the stadium to fully comply with FIFA requirements in terms of capacity and security. Commission FIFA has visited the stadium in October 2016 and have found a number of disadvantages: roll-out the stadium does not meet the requirements of the international Federation, to play it is impossible because of the vibrations, say experts. According to the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin, claims expert “taste sensations”, as neither in Russia nor in the world there are no standards for vibration roll-out of the field.

  • On the case of Alexei Ulyukayev

“The fact that it took place, is a sad fact. But I would like to say that we will continue to work, will be intolerant to any manifestations of this kind”

“Interfax”, 21.11.2016

On November 15 against former Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev was prosecuted. On the same day he was dismissed from his post by decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the phrase “for loss of confidence.” According to investigators, the day before, on November 14, the speaker received a bribe of $2 million for the Ministry issued a positive evaluation, which allowed Rosneft to buy a stake of the company “Bashneft”.

  • On terrorists in Syria

“The terrorists are trying to replace signage and keep fighting potential. It’s sad”

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, 17.09.2016

The presidentís remark refers to the fact that in Syria apart from the terrorists of ISIS (“Islamic state” — an organization banned in Russia and declared a terrorist) militants and other groups, and the coalition is the problem, splitting the opposition and terrorists.

  • On the development of cinemas in small towns

“We in small towns almost ceased to exist cinemas. It’s very sad. Here all of us, the government, especially regional authorities have a lot to do to the network to restore”

“RIA Novosti”, 07.04.2016

  • About the ignorance of young people about the history

“Thing is extremely sad and very disturbing if young people today do not know on whom to equal, don’t see heroes do not even know that world war II was the place to be”

“RIA Novosti”, 05.11.2014

  • On the resumption of the fighting under the Slavic

“Unfortunately, now I have actual information about that in one of the most problematic places in the town of Slavyansk there is fighting, there is a landing, and there are already casualties. It’s sad”.

“Interfax”, 24.06.2014

23 Jun 2014 the representatives of Kiev and militias Donbass agreed to a ceasefire until June 27. However, at night there were reports that the Ukrainian side does not comply with the cease-fire and is shelling the territories of the LC, and later the leadership of the DNI announced the onset of the Ukrainian army.

  • About U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry

“He is lying. And knows he’s lying. And it’s sad”

“Interfax”, 04.09.2013

During a debate in the U.S. Congress on a resolution authorizing a strike on Syria, Secretary of state John Kerry asked the question, will grow stronger after the bombing of the positions of “al-Qaeda”. The diplomat said that the terrorist organization in Syria is not.

  • About the medicines of preferential categories of citizens

“All this could count in the middle and even the beginning of the year, to sociology, and to imagine how it will be allocated financial resources. The fact that this was not done in a timely manner, is sad”

“Interfax”, 26.02.2007

At a meeting with members of the government Vladimir Putin has demanded from the then Minister of health and social development Mikhail Zurabov to bring order to provision of medicines of preferential categories of citizens. According to the President, the crashing was caused by the fact that a large number of people decided to switch to cash payments. And this, in turn, occurred because of the untimely actions of the Ministry.