“Fidel was a father to us”: the reaction of the Cubans for Castro’s death

Jesus Gonzalez, President of the Association of Cubans residing in Russia:

“It’s a hard loss, Fidel was the father, a man of age. Just because he has the opportunity to strengthen friendship with Russia and to develop our country in the years of blockade by the United States. In recent years he has created a new generation of managers brought up on his ideals, and his departure will not affect the policy. Despite the normalization of relations with the US, we still are in a tense relationship [with Washington ]. To restore normal relations, it is necessary to remove the base [at Guantanamo], to remove the actual travel embargo, Americans do not want to let Cuban travelers to the United States. Even after the death of Fidel Cuba will not trade principles and independence. Remain economic challenges.”

“Left in immortality”: the reaction of politicians to the death of Fidel Castro

Melida Ramos del Pino, Manager of the restaurant “Aruba” in Moscow:

“The resignation of Fidel Castro is a huge loss for Cuba and the entire nation. After his death, anything for the island will not change, the relations with the US will remain the same, to communicate with relatives of the death of Fidel is also not affected. At least we hope so. I have a lot of people from the country called, expressed condolences.”

Antonio Rondón garcía, correspondent of the Agency “Prensa latina”:

“For us, [Fidel Castro] was a great man. Not only for Cuba but for the whole of mankind, all the transformations that we had in Cuba, they actually had an impact not only on the course of our country, but also in General history. Now preparing an appeal of Cubans who live here permanently and will speak about this loss, the loss of our people.”

Roberto Jacomino, brand chef of the restaurant “Jamie’s Italian” in Moscow:

“What Fidel did to Cuba is unique. The change began when Fidel handed over the reins to his brother. [But] such that we woke up tomorrow and Cuba already other will not. This process will be slow, perhaps difficult, but I expect that the Cuban people will feel a change for the better. And in relations between Havana and Washington, and in the relations between relatives — all should be even better. Wherever there was a man, he should be able to live where they feel comfortable. The Cubans maintain links with their relatives abroad, mostly by telephone, also, though not everywhere, is the Internet.”