“Left in immortality”: the reaction of politicians to the death of Fidel Castro

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia:

“I am Cuban people the deepest condolences with the death of the leader of the Cuban revolution, Your brother of Fidel Castro. The name of this distinguished statesman is considered to be the symbol of an era in recent world history. Built by him and his companions a free and independent Cuba became an influential member of the international community and served as an inspiring example for many countries and peoples”

Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia:

“Along with Fidel Castro, without exaggeration, it took a whole historical epoch. I will always remember the meeting with this eminent man. My deepest condolences, to all the Cuban people”

Francois Hollande, President of France:

“He was the epitome of the Cuban revolution, in the hopes which it awakened in the disappointment that followed later. He was a figure during the cold war era, which led to the fall of the Soviet Union. He gave the Cubans an opportunity to be proud of the rejection of foreign domination”

Mikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet President:

“In recent years, even when Fidel Castro was not formally in power, his role in strengthening their country is huge. I am truly worried that ended his time, he is in our memory will remain as an outstanding politician, a remarkable man and our friend. But the fact is, being born, people die, but during this period, some have time to live life so that leave the deepest mark in the history of mankind. So was Fidel”

Dmitry Rogozin, Vice-Premier of Russia:

“On behalf of my colleagues on the Russian-Cuban intergovernmental Commission on trade-economic issues extend sincere condolences to Cuban friends and partners in connection with the death of the leader of the Cuban revolution comrade Fidel Castro!”


Evo Morales, President of Bolivia:

“Fidel has taught us lessons of struggle, perseverance for the liberation and unification of the peoples of the world. He taught us to never give up. I wish, on behalf of the Bolivian people to Express condolences to the fraternal Republic of Cuba. Very hurt by the fact that Comandante Fidel is gone”

Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador:

“We left a great man. Fidel died. Long live Cuba! Long live Latin America!”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, state Duma Deputy

“Fidel Castro is a model of steadfastness and courage. He lived a long life, which all might be a dream”

Gennady Zyuganov, Communist party leader:

“I am Cuban people and all inhabitants of the planet deep sympathy and condolences. Gone is the man who must not only worship, but also to be proud of and which we should follow in his life. I am sure that our country remembers its friends and would do anything to perpetuate his memory”


Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela:

“I just talked with the head of state of Cuba Raul Castro to Express solidarity and love to the people of Cuba in connection with the death of Comandante Fidel Castro. 60 years after the release of the yacht “Granma” from Mexico Fidel goes to the immortality of those who fight a lifetime”