Headquarters Clinton supported the initiative of the recount

The campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton will support the efforts of the green Party in their efforts to achieve a recount of votes in several key States, CNN reports, citing a statement by staff counsel Marc Elias made the portal Medium.

It said that even though his own investigation headquarters and did not reveal any hacks system of counting of votes, the staff decided to take part in efforts “to make sure everything is fair for all parties.”

The initiative to hold a recount of votes in three States — Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania previously made by the former candidate in US presidents from the green Party and its leader, Jill Stein.

Donald trump on Saturday said the aspirations of the green Party to hold a recount. The US President-elect called these attempts at fraud. In his opinion, the recount Stein needed to “fill their pockets with money, most of which she doesn’t even spend on this ridiculous scaling”.

In his statement, trump also said that his main rival Hillary Clinton on election night urged to recognize their results. “We need to take this result and then look to the future” – quoted trump the words of his rival, said on the night of November 9.