Experts Kudrin proposed to reform the system of state aid to the needy

Experts of Committee of civil initiatives (CGI), former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin proposed to reduce the number of categories of the population who receive assistance from the state. This is stated in the report that they produced jointly with the Independent Institute for social policy (IISP). A copy of the document is available .

In 2014, according to INEC, the government spent almost 1.3 trillion rubles from the Federal budget for social support to about 22 million people. More than half of expenditure is on the provision of maternity capital and a monthly payment to disabled persons and veterans, and for housing and communal services to the needy. At the regional level, the budget is still $ 1.2 trillion rubles, but only 38 million people, estimated by experts.

In total the costs of these forms of social support are 2.6% of GDP. This is 2.3 times higher than a decade ago, but they do not inhibit the growth of poverty, the authors of the report. Experts consider it necessary to determine criteria of need and to extend their application for welfare benefits. Need criterion depends on the subsistence minimum, if a person receives less than the fixed amount, he relied monthly payments. The report States that the average amount of aid should not be below 25% of subsistence minimum.

The document proposes to exclude from the number of beneficiary families in which at least one member of the family there are two living spaces, land acquired for construction of houses, or car is not older than two years. Social benefits also need to deprive the owners of small size vessels (except for motor boats), personal watercraft, farm equipment and livestock (more than 2 heads of cattle).

Taking into consideration the needs can provided 30% of the funds allocated for social support of population, confidence in INEC and the OIG.

Now, some measures sotspodderzhki are provided to veterans, Chernobyl victims, and disabled persons, for services to the Fatherland and to stimulate demographic development. However, experts believe that not all people with disabilities should receive targeted assistance, and only in dire need of it.

The authors of the report believe that the cost control needs to be justified, only if there is a single base of income and security of people receiving social support. This base is currently developing a Pension Fund.

Earlier, the Ministry of labour and social protection has prepared a draft law on optimization of certain social benefits based on the data on income. If the document is adopted, the child benefit, medical workers and several other benefits will be guaranteed only to needy.

Similar measures supported by the Ministry of Finance. As noted by the Agency in its report, among people receiving social benefits, more than 50% are not classified as in need of social support. And among in need of social support receive less than 50%.