Forbes talked about was stored in the Bank of the ROC the money Kabaeva

According to the source of Forbes at the Bank, “Peresvet” the accounts have been opened by the Olympic champion on art gymnastics Alina Kabaeva, boxer Alexander Povetkin, volleyball players Ekaterina Gamova, a champion Hassan Baroyev. Among the athletes, who had their money in “Peresvet”, was also named swimmers Elena Azarova, Elvira Hasyanova, Olga Brusnikina, javelin thrower of a hammer Olga Kuzenkova, pyatibrat Andrey Moiseev and world Cup Gaidarbek of Gaydarbekov.

The journal notes that it is unknown whether there are funds in the Bank named athletes now. Gamow told Forbes, that was never a customer of the Bank. The Russian Olympic Committee did not answer the question about whether the organization is cooperating with the Bank “Peresvet”.

Representatives Alexander Povetkin and Alina Kabaeva declined to comment on the accounts of athletes in “Peresvet”. The Bank is currently running the interim administration. Synchronised swimmer Olga Brusnikina said that she had “no account” in the Bank “Peresvet”. The representative of Andrei Moiseev said that “has no information” about the presence of pyatibortsev account in the Bank “Peresvet”. Olga Kuzenkova said that was not a client “Peresvet”.

At the time of publication of the material by the press service of the Central Bank did not respond to a request .

As reported in December 2015, the Olympic Committee of Russia held major investments in Russia, who later lost his license. It was about the money, allocated by “Gazprom” to prepare athletes for the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and Pentane in 2018 (about $130 million) and about $30 million, which the organizing Committee listed at the end of the Olympics in Sochi in 2014.

The interim administration was appointed in the Bank “Peresvet” on 21 October for a period of six months. This happened in connection with the dissatisfaction with the Bank creditors ‘ claims. As reported by “Kommersant”, the Bank subject to rehabilitation by the method of bail-in in which the claims of creditors are converted into shares of the Bank. In late October, the bonds of “overexposure” were excluded by the Bank of Russia from the list of securities acceptable as collateral for loans.

According to statements of the “Peresvet”, the insurance cover may reach 7.4 billion rubles