The Russian military announced withdrawal from Aleppo more than 900 people per day

In recent days the Eastern part of Aleppo left 903 civilians and eight militants. About it “Interfax” was informed in the Russian Centre of reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria.

“Only for the last day of the detained militants Jabal came to Bidar 903 civilians, including 119 children,” — said the representative of the centre.

According to him, the gunmen took the corridors, which provided the Russian defense Ministry and the Syrian authorities. The Agency thus argues that in Aleppo, frequent clashes between armed groups. According to him, this is “due to the fact that some of the militants controlling the Eastern districts of Aleppo, expressed a desire to leave the city, and the most radical groups hinder it.”

He argues that in the Eastern part of the city has become increasingly prevalent unrest against the actions of terrorists. “The people of El-Kasidie, Haidari and Khan forced the militants to keep these areas under control for at least four years, to abandon these areas,” — said the representative of the centre.

He also said that the Syrian army made significant progress deeper into the Eastern districts of the city for the last two days. According to him, in the Eastern part of the militants of the “Front EN-Nusra” (the former “Jabhat an-Nusra”, the organizations recognized in Russia as terrorist and banned) released five quarters and more than 2 thousand buildings.

The representative of the centre said that in the quarters is the formation of local authorities.

On the eve of the Lebanese TV channel reported the capture of the Syrian army district, Masaki Canaanites Hanano in Eastern Aleppo. The Masaki Canaanites Khan was the first town that was captured by the opposition in 2012.

Last week, the Syrian government refused the plan on the granting of self-government the Eastern part of Aleppo, which was presented by UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura. According to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Syria Walid al-Muallem, the proposal violates the country’s sovereignty. He expressed the opinion that the proposal is a reward for the terrorists who continue to attack the city.