Medvedev rejected the idea of lowering hot water temperature

The government in the course of discussion came to the conclusion that it is not necessary to lower the temperature of the water in the hot water system. This was during a meeting with employees Stojlenskogo mining obogatitelnoe plant, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“Indeed, such information was published, but I just want to say that there are no such decisions. I was gathering of experts and colleagues in government who are responsible for this area, and the General conclusion is: do not be”, — assured the Prime Minister (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to Medvedev, if the water is heated to 60-70 degrees in the water supply hot water supply can be eliminated “a number of problems.” Such changes cannot be entered without regard to the General sanitary – epidemiological situation, the Prime Minister added.

“Not to create problems, I decided to abandon this idea. So the debate is closed. Can reassure you all, the water will not only warm, but hot”, — concluded Medvedev.

According to the norms SanPiN (Sanitary rules and norms ), the temperature of hot water must be at least 60 degrees. In early November, the CPS has proposed to reduce the minimum temperature of hot water in apartments of Russians 10 degrees to 50. While in office, pointed to the need for compliance with conditions to ensure epidemiological safety. The corresponding document with the proposal of the CPS has been discussed on the portal of legal acts, received 276 votes against and 6 for.

The CPS then told that forming their proposals was based on the conclusion of Ministry of health, which was sent to the government on 5 October. In this the Ministry refers to the study of “Hygienic safety evaluation of water use of hot water with adjustable temperature”, which was held by fsbi “Sri of human ecology and environmental hygiene named after A. N. Sisina”. Then the Ministry of health called “valid” lowering the hot water temperature to 50 degrees “in strict compliance” of security requirements.

The Ministry considered that the results of the research Institute A. N. Sisina can not serve as evidence base for assertions about the safety of lowering the hot water temperature to 50 degrees. FAS and the Association of housing “Development” supported the idea of reducing the temperature taking into account the implementation of all preventive measures, as mentioned in the conclusion of Ministry of health.