Merkel criticized the rhetoric of the last US presidential campaign

His statement German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who recently declared the intention to go for a fourth term, made during a speech at a General meeting of the Christian democratic Union (CDU) in Heidelberg, according to Bloomberg.

“If there’s one thing in the election campaign, which I did not like is the expressions that were used during the election race”, – quotes Agency her words. Political opponents should show respect to each other, said Merkel.

Earlier, Merkel said that will again be the candidate of the CDU in the Federal elections in autumn 2017. Merkel meeting with representatives of the CDU is part of the campaign for her nomination, the Agency said. Next week the delegates of the CDU will have to officially nominate Merkel as a candidate.

At the same time, the Agency notes that despite the fact that the CDU leads in all national polls, Merkel may face serious competition from the side of the party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH). So, the polls show that if elections were held now, the ADG would have gained 15% across the country.

Last week, Merkel has officially announced his intention to run for a fourth term in 2017. “I’ve been thinking about this forever. The decision to go for a fourth term after 11 years in the chair of the Chancellor is not a trivial task,” she said.