Mobius advised to invest in Russia in anticipation of the presidency, trump

The coming to power of elected President of the USA of Donald trump will lead to “rebound” in emerging markets, with renewed growth will be sustainable, said the Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group mark Mobius in a Bloomberg Television interview.

According to him, the implementation of the economic program of the trump, providing for a sharp increase in the cost of construction of roads, bridges, airports and other infrastructure projects, will lead to the decline of the dollar. In this situation, investors should invest in Russia, China, India and Brazil, allocating at least 30% of their portfolios to investments in emerging markets, said Mobius.

Among the promising investment destinations investor also noted Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. The latter, according to him, intensifying efforts to attract private investment in infrastructure projects.

“I don’t see the sell-off in emerging markets. We’ve already seen. Now we may be waiting for a gradual recovery,” said Mobius.

Previously, Mobius suggested that the United States under the presidency of Donald trump may conclude with Russia a new trade agreement. “As a businessman, trump is likely to feel at home during negotiations with other countries, and I think he will be able to reach trade and investment agreements that would satisfy both sides. For example, it may be a new agreement on bilateral relations and trade with Russia, given that trump has focused on Russia during his election campaign,” wrote Mobius in his blog on the website of Franklin Templeton Investments.