South Korean President declared his readiness to resign

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye delivered a speech to the people of the country and declared his willingness to resign after a corruption scandal, Reuters reports.

Earlier, the opposition Democratic party in South Korea announced that it intends to put the question of impeachment, Park Geun-Hye to Parliament. In his speech, the President once again apologized to the people and instructed the Parliament to “decide their destiny”.

“I rely on the Parliament in all that concerns my future, including the reduction of my term,” said Park Geun-Hye. “I will leave her position in accordance with the law as soon as the ruling and opposition parties will formulate a plan that will minimize political unrest and avoid a power vacuum”, she added.

A political scandal erupted in South Korea after Park Geun-Hye made a public apology for what he admitted to his girlfriend by the name of Choi sung-SIL, which had not held any public office, to tens of texts of presidential speeches before they were publicly read.

In order for the impeachment took place, need the support of at least two-thirds of the legislators. This means that the opposition will need to convince MPs from ruling party “Senuri” to vote for the bill of impeachment.