The Central Bank will limit losses of unskilled investors in the stock market

The Bank of Russia in the framework of the concept attract on the stock market of mass investor intends to limit the losses of the so-called unqualified investors 50 thousand RUB per year. This was announced by the head of the service for protection of financial services consumers and minority shareholders of the Bank of Russia Mikhail Mamuta at the conference “Retail investor”, which was attended by the correspondent .

According to Mamut, in the resulting view, the concept has retained the division of investors into three categories — professional, skilled and unskilled, with the additional gradation of the latter on those who have in the brokerage account to 400 thousand RUB. Unqualified investors — those who do not have special knowledge of the stock market but would like to use financial instruments to multiply your savings.

According to the concept to everyone who comes to the stock market non-qualified investors will be given the opportunity once a year to risk the sum to 50 thousand rubles, putting it in absolutely any product.

“We need to create a defense mechanism. We believe that 50 thousand is a reasonable level of risk, averaged over the market. For sensible people such limitation will be effective to be able to evaluate the consequences of their actions. I believe that a very small portion of the population may not pay attention to such warnings,” explained Mamut reporters.

According to him, the main confusion in the work of unskilled investors calls the trade with the shoulder. To start this trade and trade with securities of the third list in General, novice investors will need to pass an online exam on the website of the Moscow exchange.

Mamut said that today in the stock market about 100 thousand active investors, but a significant contribution to the development of the economy, they do not contribute. “Our interest is that the number of investors has increased manifold and made millions, ideally tens of millions of people,” he said. He added that this should have more tools, objects for investment.