The media learned about the recommendations of the Central Bank not to register savings certificates

The Bank of Russia recommended that the bankers don’t register the new savings certificates to bearer, said on Monday, “Kommersant” with reference to sources.

“Written advice was not, but orally, the regulator has for some time indicates that this tool he’s got issues,” — said one of interlocutors of the edition.

According to him, banks can “easily” fulfill the wish of the Central Bank with excess liquidity. At the request of the newspaper about the comments in the Central Bank did not answer.

According to the “Overview of the banking sector”, published by the Central Bank, from July to November, the volume of funds placed in savings certificates decreased by 10% 599,2 billion rubles to 537,9 billion. “so far such a sharp drop of investment in bersertifikasi not exist”, — said “Kommersant”.

A sharp reduction in bersertifikasi provided the largest banks: Sberbank, the amount of capital raised through this instrument fell by 49 billion rubles, VTB — 10 billion rubles, the newspaper said, citing Bank statements. Two state banks accounted for 91.8% of all attracted using this tool means.

In Sberbank said that in recent time, the Bank proposed several “new interesting savings products, which served as a natural flow in their part of the deposited funds of clients”. In VTB to the edition have informed that now in circulation are savings certificates to bearer issued by the Bank of Moscow. These certificates are valid only for redemption, have noted in VTB. If the Central Bank approves new terms of issue, the retail business of the Bank will produce a new bersertifikasi bearer. VTB will issue new savings certificates to bearer after the approval of the Bank of Russia to new conditions of production, said in the Bank.

Back in February, the Finance Ministry said that passbook and bersertifikasi create the conditions for money laundering because they do not have restrictions on the amount and do not include a ban on the use of settlement and payment of funds. In this regard, the Department has decided to prepare amendments to the Civil code providing for the abolition of bearer savings certificates. The Finance Ministry has proposed to replace the passbook and bersertifikasi nominal securities, which the banks will be issued in certificated form. Sberbank said then that he did not share the view expressed by the Ministry of Finance. Now, initiated by the Finance Ministry the bill is in the process of adoption in the next few days the state Duma will consider on second reading.