Ukraine set a new danger zone for flights over the Black sea

Ukraine set a new danger zone in the airspace over the neutral waters of the Black sea and partly over the territorial waters of Russia to the South-West and South-East of the Crimea Peninsula, according to the website Rosaviation.

The Ministry called the actions of the Ukrainian side “inexplicable attempt to meddle” in sovereign airspace of Russia, “this time at a distance of 6 to 10 nautical miles (11 to 18 kilometers) from the neutral waters”. According to Rosaviation, the location of the installed Kiev hazardous areas is the flight information region of Simferopol, where movement is driven by “managers of the Russian air navigation service provider — the State Corporation for air traffic management in the Russian Federation (GK ATM)”.

In the message it is noted that their actions in Ukraine not agreed with GK ATM and violated these requirements of the International civil aviation organization.

The Federal air transport Agency said that airspace over the Crimea will not be closed, and flights over the Peninsula is not threatened.

“Obviously politically motivated actions of the Ukrainian side go over the line and are highly provocative. World civil aviation based on the principles of absolute priority of safety, and not political bias”, — stated in the message.