The Communist party has warned its members against criticism of “Rosneft”

MP from the Communist party, former first Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow Yury sinelshchikov, representing the interests of the party in the arbitration case on the claim of “Rosneft” told his colleagues at the faction meeting on Thursday, “how to behave in order not to fall into such things.”

17 November the Moscow Arbitration court satisfied the claim of “Rosneft” to the Communist party and to the information Agency “Rosbalt” about protection of business reputation. The oil company was required to recognize untrue and damaging the business reputation of information contained in publications, “Valery Rashkin: the Government officially allowed the management of “Rosneft” to steal” and “Rashkin: Allowing Rosneft to hide commercial information, the economy Ministry encourages theft.”

The court agreed with the arguments of “Rosneft” and ordered the sites and to publish a rebuttal within ten days after the court decision comes into legal force. The claim to the Deputy Valery Rashkin, the court fully rejected.

In conversation with the lawyer of “Rosbalt” Dmitry Frolov explained that the Agency has not violated its activities. “We as the media have fulfilled all the duties that we impose the law on mass media. The reprint was made from the website of the Communist party, and in this case the law does not impose on us some kind of additional need to test these materials,” — said Frolov.

“I would like to strongly suggest that in all cases when the content of your speech on the verge, to consult with the legal Department of the party” — sinelshchikov appealed to the party members.

Politics more opportunities to criticize the government than the “other organization” so the government can be criticized harder than Rosneft, he stated.

He also urged those who “wants to slap the government or someone else, to get this on the parliamentary rostrum, it is forgiven many things — such is the judicial practice”.

First Deputy head of the Communist faction, Sergei Reshulsky called colleagues “not to be afraid, but to weigh the consequences.” “Sometimes in the heat you can say a word, which will be later regarded in two ways, and it is these people who have huge money to start such a lawsuit, then we will be very difficult to fight,” — said a Communist.

12 Dec there must take place another court hearing on another claim of “Rosneft”, according to which defendants are the founder of the company OOO “BusinessPress”, TV channel and journalists Timofey Dzyadko, Lyudmila Podobedova, Maxim Tovkailo and Konstantin Bochkarev. The authors of the claim argue that the published in April 2016, the article “Sechin asked the government to protect Rosneft from BP” discredits the business reputation of the company, as set out in the information is not true. As compensation potential reputational harm “Rosneft” intends to recover from the defendants 3,179 billion.