Members of one of the largest gangs cashing asked for acquittal

Members of the group of Sergey Magina accused of cashing money, asked for acquittal. On Friday, December 2, eight of the 12 defendants acted with the last word, the correspondent of the Presnensky court. He pleaded not guilty, none of the defendants in the case, they are asked to leave them at liberty. The defendants Diana Yastrebova and Inna Cucina noted that “repented”. The other players will perform 20-days of December.

According to investigators, Sergei Magin nicknamed Serezha Two Percent and his accomplice Vadim Rybalchenko were the leaders of the criminal community, engaged in cashing in of means and illegal banking activities. The prosecution asked to sentence them to 15 years in a strict regime colony. For the rest of the defendants in the case, the prosecution was asked during the debate from 6 to 14.5 years of imprisonment. The representative of the Supervisory authority also insisted that the seized during searches of RUB 1 billion you need to pay state income.

“My conscience is clear, I never stole and never lied. During the year process, I still can’t understand what is my fault, what actions were illegal. Didn’t understand both then and now,” said the last word one of the defendants, Belousov Aygula.

“We deny all allegations, they are built on speculation,” — said the lawyer Vadim Rybal’chenko Alexey Kuzin. In the debate the defense claimed that the defendants are not related to one-day firms, which cashed the money, as charged in forming a criminal community considers absurd as “people who do not know what are OPS, I can not blame the part of it,” says cousins.

Business Empire Magina was one of the largest in the country, wrote “the New newspaper”. As stated in the materials of the case, Magin was listed as Chairman of the HOA “Panorama”, but were in fact owners of several banks, including KB “Oksky” and mast-Bank. Members of the group, it follows from the indictment, have earned more than $ 846 million rubles, and the volume of financial operations for 1.5 years amounted to more than 169 billion.

The alleged perpetrators were arrested in July 2013. The operation led by the generals of the Main Directorate of economic security and combating corruption of the interior Ministry Denis Sugrobov and Kolesnikov. Later their subordinates tried to provoke to bribe employees of management of own safety of FSB. Sugrobov and Kolesnikov were arrested, they were accused of fabricating criminal cases. Kolesnikov has committed suicide in June 2014, jumping from the window of the Investigative Committee after questioning.