Putin responded to the request to release film Director Sentsov

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in the case of Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, convicted in Russia for preparing terrorist acts in Crimea, should understand the judicial system. Such statement the President made at a joint meeting of the Council at the President of Russia for culture and arts and the presidential Council on the Russian language, reports “Interfax”.

Putin’s statement came in response to a request from Director Alexander Sokurov to release Sentsov. The President stressed that “such matters should be resolved by the judicial system.” “With regard to his work, he is condemned not for creativity, but for the fact that took on completely different functions, according to the investigating authorities and the court. And it actually has dedicated his life to terrorist activities”, — said Putin.

The head of state explained that to act in this situation without a court order impossible. According to Putin, “the court’s decision held” and “there are certain rules and regulations which we can use, but you need to “ripe” appropriate conditions”.

“I repeat, no one was condemned for his views, for his position. The condemnation occurred due to its intention to commit acts that by law are, in fact, to the actions of a terrorist nature and that could entail grave consequences for our citizens. Here in this case, and not in some of his positions,” the President said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

In conclusion, Putin expressed his gratitude to Sokurov for the fact that he drew attention to this “sensitive issue”. “I’ll keep that in mind,” said the President.

Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov was convicted by the North Caucasus district military court in Rostov-on-don. The sentence was handed down on 25 August 2015. The court found him guilty of preparing to commit bombings and arson in Simferopol and was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony. Together with Sentsov ten years of the colony was Alexander Kolchenko, recognized his accomplice.