The media learned about the family influence on the decision Hollande to go for a second term

French President Francois Hollande could decide not to nominate his candidacy for a new presidential term under pressure from families, reports Reuters. According to the Agency, quite a few from the inner circle of Hollande knew about this.

However, according to Reuters sources close to Hollande, this small circle of people know that the incumbent President decided not to go for a second term a few hours before Hollande appeared in front of the cameras.

In turn, a close friend of Hollande, lawyer Pierre mignard said in an interview with Le Parisien newspaper that Hollande’s decision to refuse participation in a new presidential race could affect his children and their mother, ségolène Royal.

“Segolene Royal has indicated publicly that she didn’t want him [Hollande] went for a second term. His children, too. All played a role,” – leads edition of the words of Mignard.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who is likely to run for President from the Socialist party, was one of those who was informed by phone about the decision of Hollande for a few hours before the show, Reuters reports. After the date Hollande and Valls also met.

“The moment we came out of the office so they could be alone with each other”, – told the Agency one of the team members of Hollande. Later, Hollande hosted a dinner with his family, Reuters reports.

About your decision not to go for a second term as Hollande announced on Thursday. He made a televised address to the nation from the Elysee Palace. “I decided not to stand as a candidate for the renewal of the mandate”, — declared the head of state.