China protested after talking trump with the President of Taiwan

China has made a diplomatic protest after a telephone conversation elected President of the USA of Donald trump with the President of Taiwan, Cai Inveni, according to Reuters.

Chinese foreign Ministry stated that it had introduced “rigorous explanation” addressed to the “American side”, which urged a cautious approach to the Taiwan question to avoid problems in relations between China and the United States. “The principle of “one China” is the political Foundation of relations between China and the USA”, – quotes Agency the statement of the Chinese foreign Ministry.

One in particular was addressed to the protest, the statement said. However, the wording implies that it was addressed to team trump.

The day before trump and Cai Inven conducted a 10-minute phone call. This is the first conversation of the elected or the incumbent U.S. presidents since then, in 1979, the US began to follow the policy of “one China”, according to which the United States recognizes Beijing as the representative of China and refrains from informal ties with Taiwan. By trump howling Twitter said that the initiators of the conversation was Cai Inven. According to him, the head of Taiwan called to congratulate him on his election victory.

Reuters, citing a senior source in the presidential administration of Barack Obama announced that the White house found out about this conversation after it took place.

Taiwan split from China during a civil war in 1949. The United States recognized the Chinese position on sovereignty, but consider the status of the island “unresolved”. In January of this year, Cai Inven was elected President of Taiwan in may took office. Her party advocates Taiwan independence, which exacerbated relations with Beijing.