Erdogan spoke about the proposal to Putin to go to trade in rubles and Lira

Turkey intends to transfer the trade with Russia to settlements in national currencies. This was stated on Saturday, 3 December, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan during the opening ceremony of a shopping center in Istanbul. The Turkish leader said that he has already made a proposal to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I suggested the following to Putin: Let’s do our trade in local currency. Everything that I buy [you], I’ll pay you in rubles. And anything you buy from me, pay in Turkish Lira”, – quotes the words of Erdogan Hurriyet Daily News.

About the reaction of the Russian President on this proposal, Erdogan said. However, he added that a similar proposal he made to Iran and China, and was regarded as reasonable.

“We gave the necessary instructions to our Central banks, and will try to trade between us this way,” said Erdogan.

The Turkish President also called on their citizens not to invest in dollars and in local Lira or gold. “Those who hold foreign currency under the mattress, should come and translate them into Lira or gold,” he said.