Sberbank has stopped accepting funds on the most favourable contributions

In connection with the previously announced expiry of the period Sberbank has stopped accepting funds on ruble contribution “Most valuable”, introduced in October 2016, in honor of the 175th anniversary of the Bank. As a result, the Bank’s clients were deprived of the opportunity to place funds at 8% per annum — the most profitable of regular deposits to a maximum of 6.85% per annum.

“Sberbank did not reduce rates on deposits on 1 December. 30 Nov expired special offers — Deposit “Most valuable” with higher rates,” — said the press service of Sberbank.

Previously the Bank has repeatedly lowered rates on deposits. The last time yields were lowered by 30 September, when base rates on the line of ruble deposits fell by 0,3–0,55 p. p. for deposits in USD for 0.04–0.6 PP in the Euro — 0.04–0.39 in p. p.

The contribution of “Most valuable” was introduced in the range of ruble deposits, Sberbank 11 Oct 2016. Until the end of November for a contribution that you can put at least 25 thousand rubles. for a period of 175 days at the rate of 7.25–8%, the amount of which varied depending on the amount of the Deposit.

In addition, the customers who opened Deposit “Most valuable”, the Bank had issued a policy of insurance program a “Protected investor”, providing for the term insurance coverage against accidents in the amount of 100 thousand rubles.

December 1, 2016, the savings Bank has lowered rates on mortgage loans by 0.5–1 percentage points, which was the third decline in mortgage rates since the beginning of the year.