More than 80 former deputies of the state Duma was evicted from service apartments

Delayed because of the kids

That 86 deputies of the Duma of the sixth convocation continued to live in the service apartments on the street Olof Palme, said a member of the Duma Committee on regulations Vladimir Pozdnyakov (CPRF) and confirmed his colleague on the Committee, Viktor Pinsky (United Russia).

In 2015, a law was passed which transfers the elections of the Duma of the seventh convocation from December to September. Under the new rules, the deputies who are elected in the new convocation, until December 4, still have all the advantages. Among these benefits — cash payments, the terms of medical support and use of office apartment in Moscow. After 4 December, the eviction process is just beginning, said a source in the state Duma. The timing of the eviction is not established, said Pozdnyakov. But in the previous convocation this process could take up to a year after the termination of the mandate of the MPs, explained to the Committee on rules.

Information about the deputies that are not in a hurry to leave the apartment office, transferred to parliamentary factions, to join in the eviction, said Pozdnyakov . According to him, in the previous convocation the eviction of the individual members could be done through the courts.

Former members stayed in the service apartments in particular because of the need to change schools for their children, said Pinsky. While in “Deputy house” on the street, 1, released only 68 Deputy apartments, said Pozdnyakov.

Adviser to the administrative Department of the President of Russia Elena Krylova said that the questions of deputies , which had not yet evicted from service apartments that are not within its competence.

In anticipation of the apartments

Eviction of former deputies are waiting for a non-resident newcomers in the Duma. The number of deputies increased in the seventh convocation because of the appearance in the single-mandate Duma, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on rules, Alexander Kurdyumov (LDPR). In this regard, purchased a new apartment for the deputies on the Warsaw highway, he said.

As reported a source in the Duma, senior parliamentarians settled in “Deputy house” at the address: Olof Palme, 1. “The majority wants to live on the palm, not on the Warsaw highway. It is much easier and more prestigious,” said he. The deputies newcomers is a struggle for the allocation of service apartments, confirmed a source in “an United Russia”. “The apartment is located on the Olof Palme is better than on varshavke. In addition, there is a debate about getting a apartment with many rooms” — he said.

According to one of deputies of United Russia, “distributes” housing the leadership of the faction. According to the law on status of Deputy of the apartment with furniture is available to MPs, within three months from the beginning of their powers. Colonization MPs expect in hotels.

One of the first izbrauksana in the Duma deputies of United Russia said that while the apartment is not received. “We are waiting for apartments. Just started to leave colleagues from the previous convocation, but we hope that the issue will be resolved this week,” — said the MP.

As told Oleg Shein (a just Russia), the majority of the members izbrauksana for the first time, now continue to live in the Marriott hotel near the Duma. In addition to Marriott deputies also located at the hotel “Metropol”. Accommodation for MPs in both hotels is paid by the office of the Duma, said the interlocutor in the office and one of the deputies.

The cost of rooms in both hotels varies depending on their workload, said hotel representatives. Standard room at the Marriott Grand in the first half of December is about 14 thousand rubles per night, Suite — about 60 thousand rubles, said the representative of the hotel. In the “Metropol” has informed that the standard room in the same period is about 21 thousand rubles, and the Executive Suite — about 52 thousand.

“Procedure for obtaining service apartments is connected with a certain tape, and in reality, many move them [from the hotel] not before January 2017,” explains Shein.