The Ministry of Finance proposed to cut twice the increase of salaries to physicians in 2017

The Committee on budget and taxes recommended to the state Duma to adopt in the second reading the draft budget of the mandatory health insurance Fund (HIF) in 2017 and the planned 2018-2019 year, the correspondent reports from the meeting of the Committee.

Parliamentarians approved the amendments require that the salary of health workers will grow more slowly than anticipated. Initially, in 2017, the planned increase of 10.6%. In the adopted budget provided an increase of only 5.4%. Therefore, the deputies supported the amendment proposed by Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko and made Chairman of the Committee Andrey Makarov.

Vacant 76 billion rubles, which were to be allocated for increase of salaries, will go into the reserve Fund. According to Nesterenko, next year the government will discuss the possibility of returning to previous growth rates of remuneration for physicians, if the situation with the regional budgets will be supportive. While the subjects of the Federation are experiencing difficulties with the financing of salaries of doctors, so decided to stay at the level of 5.4%.

In 2016 real wages of doctors declined, told orgsummary of the interregional Union of health workers “Action” Andrey Konoval. The regions are already save on salaries, I’m sure the expert: data on the remuneration of doctors arbitrarily adjusted in the financial statements, and the nurses deprived of the status of the paramedic and transferred to the category staff not subject to the may decrees of the President about increase of salaries.

The health Ministry has no precise information, how much money is needed for paying salaries of health workers, and therefore can not defend the right figures in the government, the Director of the Foundation of independent monitoring “Health” Eduard Gavrilov.

The current budget of the Fund is also not enough to increase the salaries of doctors in the next few years. The Ministry of health has planned to increase the insurance contributions to the HIF on the salaries of citizens from 5.1 to 5.9% in 2019, but the amendment abolished the Ministry of Finance. Now it is planned that the deficit of the HIF will be compensated from the Federal budget.