The state Duma approved a reduction in the rate of growth of salaries to physicians

The state Duma on Wednesday, December 7, adopted the second reading of the budget of the compulsory health insurance Fund (HIF) in 2017-2019. Among other things, the amendment about transfer of the normalized safety stock budget of the HIF 75.9 billion rubles, which was initially supposed to be transferred to increase the salaries of doctors in the regions. This decision will reduce the rate of growth of salaries to physicians in 2017 instead of the scheduled 10.6 percent, it will amount to 5.4 percent, followed from the explanations of the first Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko at the meeting of the Duma Committee on the budget on Monday, 5 December.

Power will return to the question of the rate of increase of salaries for physicians, after it’s clear with the capabilities of regional budgets (they should co-Finance this increase, but their chances are not equal, and authorities fear the emergence of disparities in wages between regions and the growth of social tension), said the representative of the Ministry of Finance.

The author adopted on Wednesday the amendments were made by the Chairman of the budget Committee Andrey Makarov. On Wednesday at session of the Duma he assured parliamentarians that the question of the reduction of salaries of doctors is not the decree of the President about increase of salaries of doctors will be fulfilled. In addition to the first amendment, he asked deputies to take another banning FOMS spend reserved 75.9 billion RUB on anything, in addition to raising the salaries of doctors. According to Makarov, the amendment caused an outcry from news of the authorities ‘ intention to reduce the rate of growth of salaries of doctors, which he considers a “campaign”.

The amendment was prepared jointly by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of health and Thomsom, they are required “to make the increase (wages to doctors) smooth and spot and quickly react to all changes,” explained the head of FOMI Natalia stadchenko. She also assured the MPs that reserved in the budget of the Fund of funds will be spent only on the salaries of doctors.