“Crimean saboteur” has complained to the investigative Committee on a six-day torture

Arrested in the case of “Crimean saboteurs” Evgeny Panov wrote a letter to the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin. A copy of the document is available . Gentry complains that within six days he was tortured “alleged FSB”.

On 10 August, the FSB said that the operatives of the security services have prevented a terrorist attack in Crimea, which was prepared by the special forces of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. On the night of 8 August, said the Minister, saboteurs tried to break into the Crimea under the guise of “the massive fire from and adjacent States and armored vehicles of the armed forces of Ukraine”. Later it became known that the FSB detained the inhabitant of the Zaporozhye area employees of the main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Yevgeniy Panov and the inhabitant of the Crimea Andrey Sahaja.

The secret service released video of the interrogation of Panov, who admits that he planned to arrange explosion at the airport or the bus station of Simferopol. In Ukraine opened case on kidnapping Panova. They believe that it was stolen from the territory of Zaporozhye.

Gentry indicates that the early morning of 7 August, he wanted the car to drive to the Crimea from the Ukraine, but he was arrested, “presumably, the FSB”. Then it began to beat, demanding to confess.

“Beaten by an iron pipe in the head, back, kidneys, hands, feet, tightened the handcuffs back to numbness of the hands, hung by handcuffs: bent my legs at the knees, buttoned cuffs, front just below the knee and put under the knees with an iron rod, after which the two men, holding with both sides, had raised the stick and me that I was in so much pain”, the statement quoted Panov “the Media”.

Defendant also indicated that tortured and threatened to shoot him and hit on the genitals. In addition, he described in a statement the two men who mocked him. The torture stopped only when he was taken to the Metropolitan detention center “Lefortovo”, said in a statement.

Gentry asks to check set out in the appeal the facts and to bring to justice who tortured him.

On 10 November, the FSB announced the detention in the Sevastopol members of another diversionary group of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, which, according to intelligence agencies, was preparing acts of sabotage on military installations in the Crimea. On the same day, three suspects were arrested by the Lenin court of Sevastopol.