The army cost the state twice as expensive as all the security forces

The army costs the state more than two times more expensive than the total spending on the interior Ministry, FSB, Resguardo, the Prosecutor General, SC and previously eliminated FDCS. For 2016 laid 2.9 trillion RUB. for the expenses in the section “Armed forces” and only 1.3 trillion for all of these power structures (hereinafter the amount is subject to adjustment for inflation). This became known from the study.

Army during the study period from 2011 to 2019 was the most expensive subsection of all five major sections of the budget (education, defense, security, national issues, healthcare).

As can be seen from the study that in recent years the cost of military overtake spending on the security forces. According to the consolidated budget in 2011 the government spent $ 2.2 trillion RUB. for each of these two sections. However, in 2014 the defense has spent 300 billion rubles more than on the security forces (3 trillion 2.7 trillion rubles). In subsequent years, the gap between spending on military and security forces is about 1 trillion rubles.

Increasing military spending compared to the power evident in the Federal budget. If in 2012 and 2013, spending on the two sections was approximately equal, while in 2014, defense spending amounted to 3 trillion RUB against 2.6 trillion on the security forces. The trend of sharp excess in military spending compared to the power preserved in 2015-2019.

A sharp increase in defence expenditure occurs in the context of financing of state programs of rearmament and foreign military conflicts. In 2014, the anti-terrorist operation in the Donbass, which resulted in a full-fledged military conflict. Kiev accused Moscow of direct military support of the breakaway republics of Donbass (in the Kremlin denied it). From autumn 2015, the aerospace defence forces of Russia officially took the side of Damascus in the civil war in Syria.

Research : the lost decade of the Russian budget