The United States decided to increase military forces in Syria for up to 200 people

Secretary of defense Ashton Carter during a conference in Bahrain’s capital Manama said the Pentagon plans to allocate to Syria 200 people. We are talking about the instructors, advisers and engineers, which should facilitate the capture of Raqqa, which is controlled by militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).

Thus, the total number of American forces in Syria will be increased to 500 people.

Carter pointed out that the primary aim of the U.S. is “destroying the cancer of ISIS”. “The sooner we destroy the idea of an Islamic state based on barbaric ideology, the safer we will live”, – he stressed.

The head of the Pentagon criticized Russia’s actions in Syria, saying that Moscow for its support of the government of Bashar al-Assad “only sparked the civil war prolonged the suffering of the Syrian people”.

The first group of American advisers arrived in Syria this year without official permission of the Syrian government. They have helped Kurdish troops who fought for the town of Manbij. Before the United States was limited to the fight against ISIS with air support.