The Syrian government acknowledged the fall of Palmyra in the battle with IG

As informs Agency Reuters, the Governor of HOMS province (which is PAL) Talal Barazi said in an interview with the Syrian TV station Ikhbariyah that the militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) managed to take the city, and the army retreated to the outskirts of Palmyra.

“The army is doing everything possible to not allow terrorists to hold the Palmyra,” said Barazi.

Earlier, the Russian centre for reconciliation in Syria said that during a new offensive in the Palmyra, the militants managed to break into the city. The report stated that the militants suffered heavy losses.

The reason for the occurrence of the reconciliation centre pointed out the fact that the rebels concentrated chetyrehtysyachnuyu group, having received serious reinforcements from Raqqa district, where the attack stopped controlled by the United States troops.

The situation in Paris escalated on Saturday, when the militants managed to break into the city, released with the support of the Russian space forces. Later, the Russian defense Ministry said that dislodged terrorists from Palmyra, and their losses amounted to about 300 people. However, on Sunday morning, Arab media said that the terrorists managed to capture the castle in the center of Palmyra and break through to the city airport.

Failure at Palmyra did not stop the Syrian offensive in Aleppo, where the army on Sunday managed to take control of several city blocks. In an interview with the Iranian Fars news Agency one of the commanders of the government forces of Mohannad al-Haj said that the full liberation of Aleppo can be expected within the next 48 hours.