To form the government of Italy requested the ally of Renzi

As reported by Reuters, the President of Italy Sergio Mattarella on Sunday met with former Minister of foreign Affairs Gentiloni and instructed him to lead the new government. He agreed.

In his statement Gentiloni promised as soon as possible to name the new Cabinet, promising that it “will move in the same direction as the Cabinet resigned Matteo Renzi”.

62-year-old Gentiloni is one of the closest associates of Renzi in the Democratic party of Italy.

The Prime Minister of Italy became vacant on 7 December after the resignation of Rienzi. He did this after the failure of the referendum on constitutional reform, the purpose of which was to change the existing bicameral system of Parliament. Against it voted 60% of the population.

After retiring from the post of Prime Minister Renzi will remain the leader of the largest faction in Parliament.