The government approved a set of contractors with no experience of military service

Contracts without Express

Amendments to the law “On military duty and military service” was considered and approved at the meeting of the government Commission on legislative activities 5 Dec. This was told by two participants of the event.

As explained by one of the members of the state Commission, the new bill allows men not being in stock and no higher education, to enter into contracts on passage of military service for a number of military posts. These contractors can be substituted for the posts of sailors, sergeants, foremen, ensigns and warrant officers without military service by conscription. And conscripts with secondary vocational education can enter military service under the contract before the expiration of the three-month period of service.

In profile Committee of the state Duma defense of the bill have not yet seen and do not know when it will be made, said the head of the Committee Vladimir Shamanov. The Ministry of defence on the request within several days didn’t answer.

The fact that such changes in the defense Ministry discussed, known since the spring of this year, said one of the interlocutors in the state Duma, familiar with the situation.

For overseas operations

Under existing legislation for a contract young people without higher education must pass at least part of the military service, recalled a military expert Alexander Khramchikhin. The initiative of the government it seems redundant: “a Person should understand whether he is ready for army service, having served at least urgent. And the army needs to understand whether he is ready”.

According to experts, the bill is likely to be adopted, as the initiative comes from the government. Khramchikhin believes that in this way the defense Ministry is trying to increase interest in the service.

That the army strive to serve for the money untrained people in the Duma do not fear. “After signing the contract, the person still undergoes serious training,” — said a member of the defense Committee, United Russia Dmitry Sablin.

Military commentator for TASS, a retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin said that to make such an initiative there are two explanations: first, is the desire to perform the task of a marked increase in the number of contractors from 320 thousand to 450 thousand. “Secondly, this is due to the foreign operations of the Russian army. According to the current legislation of the conscripts are unable to participate in such operations”, — he stressed.

The previous government was amended and approved by the state Duma amendments to the law “On military duty and military service”, allowing to make short-term military contracts (from six months) to “suppress the activities of international terrorist and extremist organizations outside of Russia”. Before the military could enter into such contracts for at least two years.