Mikhail Kasyanov was elected Chairman of Parnassus

At the Congress of Parnassus, which was held in Moscow on Saturday, 17 December, delegates by a majority of votes (81 of 111) voted in favor of Mikhail Kasyanov, a correspondent with the Congress. Thus, Kasyanov remained at the post of party Chairman. For the post of leader of the Parnas fought the representative of the Komi Leonid Zilberg, who accused Kasyanov in the creation of the party “for their” the collapse of the organizational structure and the lack of funding of the cells in the regions.

The Congress also approved the composition of governing bodies: instead of three Deputy chairmen now seven of them, including former MGIMO Professor Andrei Zubov, who participated in the Duma elections in 2016, Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr., Konstantin Merzlikin mandated Boris Nemtsov in Yaroslavl regional Duma Vasily Tsependa.

In addition, the Congress chose the 31 members of the Federal political Council and 3 members of the auditing Commission.

The outcome of the “team of Nemtsov”

On Friday, December 16, the release of Parnassus announced 21 people, including Ilya Yashin, Vadim Prokhorov and Hope Mityushkina. “The elections showed that the party is unlikely any changes. She is stuck in the last century”, — said Matushkin.

Lawyer Vadim Prokhorov in conversation with has underlined that the reason for such actions were the results of the parliamentary elections, in which PARNAS received less than 1%. Also, “the Nemtsov team” was outraged by the inclusion in the electoral list of nationalist Vyacheslav Maltsev. “This has led to the failure of the election, but the mistakes were not carried out: decided to use a nationalist-populist slogans” — said Prokhorov.

The leader of the St. Petersburg Parnas Andrei Pivovarov the Congress said that the party is in deep crisis. “Suffered a catastrophic situation for all of us. The party left the people who really were her people”, — said the Pivovarov.

At the Congress about the decision to leave PARNAS also said several party members, including former leader of the Novosibirsk branch of Yegor Savina. Some delegates spoke at the Congress that the party has become “autocratic”.

The resolution on Maltsev

Speaking at the Congress on Saturday, Deputy Chairman of the party Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr. urged him to admit the mistake the decision to include in the lists of candidates for elections to the state Duma of persons with nationalist and anti-Semitic views. Together with the leader of the St. Petersburg branch Andrey Pivovarov he demanded to put to the vote a resolution that recognizes the error and the cooperation of the party with Maltsev, other xenophobes and anti-Semites.

However, the Chairman of the Party Mikhail Kasyanov did not consider the erroneous inclusion Maltsev into the list in the Duma elections. The failure of the party in the election, he accused the authorities, putting on libel and fraud. He also expressed readiness to negotiate on the Union with party “Yabloko”.